Nordic Inclusive Publishing Initiative

We all have a right to information

The Nordic Inclusive Publishing Initiative (NIPI) is a Nordic network started by governmental agencies committed to provide accessible books to people with print disability.

NIPI seeks to establish awareness among publishers, editors, authors, government agencies, print disability organisations, and libraries, and make the shift from special accessibility solutions and services to inclusive publishing based on universal design of products and services.

The goal is to increase accessibility in published information for people with print disabilities and ensure that they are distributed through accessible channels. The inspiration comes from the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI), where the publishing industry, civil society organisations, and the public sector collaborates to increase access to published material for people living with print disabilities.

Why go accessible?

  • Reach new readers and expand your customer base
  • Make your products more usable and appealing for everyone
  • Lead the change
  • It’s the right thing to do!

Producing accessible books requires both an understanding of readers’ needs and the practical knowledge of how to address them. Join the NIPI network to get started now!