Include! Conference speakers are industry leaders of inclusive publishing from all around the world.

Hugo Setzer, President of IPA

Hugo Setzer is the president of International Publishers’ Association. He is also the CEO of Manual Moderno, the leading Spanish language publishing house specialized in the fields of education, medicine and psychology with offices in Mexico City and Bogotá, Colombia.

Avid advocate of social responsibility and inclusion of all potential readers, Mr. Setzer will discuss the implications of accessibility legislation and international treaties in the publishing industry.

He presents an encouraging stance towards making products accessible without giving up the quality or market share.

Hugo Setzer

Cristina Mussinelli, secretary general of Fondazione LIA

Cristina Mussinelli is the Secretary General of the Fondazione LIA, short for Libri Italiani Accessibili, or Accessible Italian Books.

Ms. Mussinelli has been responsible for the technological innovation and digital publishing areas within the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) for three decades. She is a member of the W3C Digital Publishing Business Group, and board member of the European Digital Reading Lab.

Her presentation in the conference covers The European Accessibility Act and its impact on production flow of ebooks.


Cristina Mussinelli

Luc Audrain, Head of Digitalization, Hachette Livre

Luc Audrain is the Head of Digitalization in Hachette Livre group, the third largest consumer publisher in the world. He promotes understanding and implementation of standards, noticeably for ebook files formats (EPUB) and metadata distribution (ONIX).

In 2018, Mr. Audrain made Hachette Livre the first company to endorse Ace, the Accessibility Checker for EPUB (from the DAISY Consortium). For these efforts, the WIPO Accessible Book Consortium awarded Hachette Livre The International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing.

His presentation in the conference covers the tricks and tips needed to achieve truly accessible ebooks.

Luc Audrain

Molly Watt, accessibility and user experience expert

Molly Watt is a usability and accessibility expert and public speaker, specializing in assistive technology and design for those with sensory impairment. She is a published author and has written and illustrated two children’s books.

She will talk from a user’s point of view based on her personal experience.

Molly Watt

Richard Orme, CEO of Daisy Consortium

Richard Orme, CEO of the DAISY Consortium, has vast experience in accessibility and inclusiveness.

The DAISY Consortium leads the development of software used around the world in the creation, conversion, and validation of accessible publications. It develops and contributes to mainstream and specialist standards to improve accessibility for all readers.

He will talk about accessibility standards and how different tools can be employed to reach accessibility in publishing.

Richard Orme

Sarah Runcie, Manager of Policy and Strategy, Australian Publishers Association

Sarah Runcie comes from the Australian Publishers Association. She is in charge of advocating publishers’ interests to lawmakers in State and Federal governments, building relationships with parliamentarians and the public service, keeping members abreast of policy development and steering publishing industry policy positions.

The Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI) was launched in 2016 to foster a collaborative, consultative and consensus-based approach to tackling accessibility problems in Australia. The AIPI brings together a variety of organisations with the aim of increasing the availability of publications for the print disabled and increasing the availability of accessible format material.


Photograph of Sarah Runcie.

Neil Mackin,Technical Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

At AWS, Neil leads the team focused on helping EMEA Public Sector customers to identify and develop business applications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. His career has focused on designing and articulating how data analytics and AI can be used to exploit data within the many and varied services that Capita seeks to deliver across sectors as diverse as telco, utilities, banking, health, justice, central and local government.

In the public sector realm, Neil has blended his research interests in theology and ethics into data led projects on community cohesion to understand what makes societies sustainable at a neighbourhood level and how resources can be most effectively targeted.

Photograph of Neil Mackin.